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Esports tournaments viewing continues to grow in 2018

Newzoo's Game Streaming Tracker gathered 2018 data across Twitch and YouTube Gaming

Tournaments for the West’s four biggest esports games were watched for 190.1 million hours in 2018, according to Newzoo’s Game Streaming Tracker.

The tournaments in question were the League of Legends World Championship Finals 2018, the ELEAGUE Major: Boston (CS:GO), the International 2018 (Dota 2), and the Overwatch League Finals. 

Based on live viewership figures for the year across Twitch and YouTube Gaming, the viewership of these events grew by 6.9 per cent year on year.

The League of Legends World Championship Finals was the most-viewed event with 81.1 million hours. The event’s top Twitch channel (Riot Games) streamed the tournament for a duration of 304 hours to an average of 93,000 viewers.

The ELEAGUE Major: Boston was the second-highest with 54.1 million hours. 

ELEAGUE TV was the top-viewed esports channel during any of the four tournaments.