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Disney Plus “to reach 101 million subscribers by 2025”

Major streaming subscriptions to double by 2025

Disney+ is expected to reach 101 million subscribers by 2025, according to Digital TV Research.

Together with Netflix (235 million), Amazon (135 million), HBO Max (30 million) and Apple TV+ (27 million), the major streaming platforms will have 529 million subscribers between them, doubling their current total.

The number of Netflix subscribers is projected to increase by 70 million subscribers, but only 6 million in the US, as other markets start to become increasingly significant.

“Competition is intense, with several platforms “reclaiming” content from others and with price wars in place,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research. “Furthermore, there are several exclusive distribution deals.

“Only 29 per cent of Netflix’s subscribers will be in the US by 2025. The proportion will be as high as 80 per cent for the younger HBO Max.”