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Disney Plus continues to surge

Streamer's global audience has now reached 137.7 million subscribers in total

Disney Plus again beat analysts’ expectations during the second quarter of 2022, adding a further 7.9 million subscribers worldwide.

Wall Street is believed to have expected the streaming service to see an uptick of between 4.5-5 million.

It takes the streamer’s global audience to 137.7 million subscribers in total.

However, the company’s chief financial officer warned that subscriber growth could slow down in the coming months.

It is worth mentioning that we had a stronger than expected first half of the year,” Christine McCarthy said on the quarterly earnings call, but Disney Plus’s stronger content slate in the second half of 2022 should see numbers continue to grow.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek again mentioned the company’s plans to launch an advertising-supported option, first mooted in March. The company is reportedly planning to launch an AVoD option in the United States by the end of 2022.

“That is going to give us the ability to adjust our price while maintaining our strong value position,” he said. “We believe that great content is going to drive our subs, and that greater subs will drive profitability.”