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Fifty three per cent of UK to be smart by 2019

53 per cent of the UK’s TV homes will have smart TVs by 2019, according to the IHS

Fifty three per cent of the UK’s homes will have smart TVs by 2019, according to IHS.

The IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service report that over 50 per cent of TV households in the UK, the US, France, Germany and Japan will have smart TVs by 2019.

Japan is predicted to reach the highest smart population with 63 per cent, with the US at 57 per cent. Germany is predicted to be level with the UK, with 53 per cent owning smart TVs, whilst France will see a rise to 50 per cent.

“Increasing demand for 4K resolution, the debut of high dynamic range (HDR) for both hardware and content, and access to streaming content that supports these features will accelerate smart TV demand globally,” said Hisakazu Torii, senior director of consumer device research for IHS Technology.

“Growing availability of 4K content from online video providers will also support this trend, as will the introduction of ultra-high-definition Blu-ray in 2016.”

Smart TV household penetration in China is expected to reach 46 per cent by 2019, higher than other emerging TV regions.

In contrast, Smart TV household penetration in other emerging countries will remain low, due to a lack of online video content and insufficient broadband internet connections. Because of this, smart TV household penetration in Brazil and Russia is predicted to reach only reach 36 per cent in 2019, and just 3 per cent in India.

“With content providers and smart-device manufacturers, such as Alibaba, LeTV and Xiaomi now entering the TV set market, Chinese consumers have more smart TV choices than ever before,” Torii said. “Increased sales of 4K TVs will accelerate these trends in the Chinese market.”