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BT Sport, Interpol team up for HDR Champions League video

To be repurposed as a promo for BT Sport's HDR proposition

BT Sport has teamed up with the band Interpol for an HDR video to be premiered after Saturday’s Champions League final.

The full 3.5-minute version will feature Interpol performing their song My Desire surrounded by effervescent liquid metal which ultimately forms the Champions League trophy.

This will be repurposed as a promo for BT Sport’s HDR proposition, with the graphics flowing together to create the BT Sport logo.

“We’ve got a really strong sonic identity on BT Sport,” said the company’s head of music, Pete Kelly. “The Champions League is our most premium and classy tournament on the channel and Interpol are an equally premium and classy band.

“The lyrics to the song My Desire are absolutely perfect. Obviously it’s written about a relationship of his, but it could be a football trophy.”

The video’s producer Kevin Evans added: “This will go out on the Champions League final, at the end of what will be an historic match, an historic game, probably the most watched Champions League final certainly in the UK, online and on linear.


“This is a brilliant example of how BT Sport works. So many different departments, so many different levels, all working together to make something very, very special. And I think with the help of Interpol, we will make this very, very special.”