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Viaplay Group adopts new operating model, focuses on individual countries

The company has appointed CEOs to look after specific territories, with Peter Nørrelund taking responsibility for the company's operations in the Netherlands, Poland, Baltics and UK

Following the departure of its CEO earlier this month, Viaplay Group has announced it is adopting a new Nordic country-based operating model and as well as changes to the company’s executive management team.

Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, who was appointed president and CEO of the company following Anders Jensen’s departure, has taken over as interim CEO of the Swedish and Finnish operations while the company looks for a permanent appointment.

Elsewhere, Lars Bo Jeppesen has been appointed as EVP and CEO of the Danish and Icelandic operations, joining Viaplay Group on 1st August.

Kenneth Andresen has been appointed as interim CEO of the Norwegian operation. Peter Nørrelund, who recently rejoined the group as EVP and chief sports and business development officer, will also take on responsibility for the Group’s operations in the Netherlands, Poland, Baltics, and the UK.

The new operating model and changes to the Group’s executive management team will be effective from 1st July, said Viaplay.

Speaking about the changes, Jørgen Madsen Lindemann said: “This is the first of what will be a number of step changes to ensure that we are investing in the areas where we see the greatest potential, that we are laser focused on the daily business of creating locally relevant products and experiences, and that we are as close as possible to our customers. We are reviewing the competitiveness of all of our operations, and will make the necessary changes in order to drive higher performance levels and improve the returns on our content and technology investments.”

“The new team has the competence, experience and passion to drive the business forward. The new set-up provides both continuity and challenge, which are both essential elements in how we will run the Group together. We have very dedicated and talented teams across the Group, and this new set-up will enable the effective combination of our creative and commercial priorities.”