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TVBEurope launches year in review supplement series

The first ever 'year in review' supplement from TVBEurope is now available. Editor-in-chief James McKeown sets the scene

I am delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural ‘Year in Review’ supplement from TVBEurope. If there was ever a 12-month period where the term ‘unprecedented’ was so globally in vogue, then 2016 was it. For better or for worse, we are in the grip of remarkable cultural and political change, while internally, our industry is proactively taking to task the accessibility with which it will engage with the future digital environment, and its many acronyms.

It has been some year, but for all of the furore that has enveloped wider society, progress within the sector continues to fuel positive sentiment in a relatively serene manner. I have written with some regularity about my personal buzzword of the past year – collaboration – and within the pages of this supplement you will find further supporting evidence that entities from across the media supply chain are actively engaging with each other to ensure there is a cohesive and sensible approach to technological interoperability and enablement.

It was in the run up to IBC2016 that the idea for this publication was first born. Serving my first term as editorial director of the IBC Daily was certainly a baptism of fire, but it opened my eyes to the level of collaboration already in process between industry entities, and the potential for further cooperation on formal and informal levels. It also served as another reminder of the wealth and quality of thought leadership in this market that arguably doesn’t enjoy the profile that it deserves.

This supplement has been created to remedy that; to bring together some of the leading voices in the industry to pass judgement and perspective over a year in which we’ve seen plenty of progress, as well as large portions of status quo.

It is a distinct honour to welcome such an esteemed bank of contributors who have offered exclusive insight for TVBEurope, and I’d like to thank each and every one for taking the time and effort to participate.

Just like the Interoperability Zone at IBC2016, it is a very rare occasion in print media that the authorities contributing to this publication are all seen in the same place. Let’s call it an ‘unprecedented’ gathering of industry insight, and one which I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Click here to access the full 2016: year in review supplement.