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TV Licensing launches first campaign in five years

Campaign centres around idea that paying or managing a TV licence ‘needn’t be a drama’,

TV Licensing has launched its first advertising campaign in five years, reminding UK TV viewers that paying for or managing their TV licence “needn’t be a drama”.

Red Bee has created the campaign which will run across TV, radio and social. According to the company, they felt the campaign messaging would be stronger if viewers genuinely thought the campaign spots were drama scenes. In order to do this, the team studied production techniques true to each era and genre – retro sci-fi, 80s US soaps and contemporary thrillers – and referenced these by using similar colour palettes, shot composition, casting techniques and even incorporating era-specific errors.

Christopher Godfree, head of client services at Red Bee said: “The creative and long-term scope of the TV Licensing brief has allowed us to really stretch our capabilities internally. We have enjoyed working closely with the team there to deliver work that we are proud of and that will hopefully resonate for years to come.”