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The DPP launches its roadmap for 2016

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) announced its new programme of work for 2016 at an event in London yesterday

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) announced its new programme of work for 2016 at an event in London yesterday. The new roadmap sees DPP extending its reach internationally; features a common mastering format; promotes the take-up of ultra high definition; and includes a report on content making for the internet age.

“The DPP always plans for just one year ahead – it ensures we’re constantly delivering to the real world needs of our industry,” commented DPP managing director, Mark Harrison. “But 2016 will be our busiest year yet, with no less than 10 major pieces of work.”

That work is made up from current workstreams that will deliver in the first half of 2016, and several new projects. These include a common mastering standard which would provide ‘a single source of truth’ from which everything else can be generated – much needed for the multiplatform nature of modern content distribution.

There will also be a new report on production tools and technologies for the internet age, and how they can be used in producing content for both traditional and direct to internet distribution. It will include mobile production, low budget production, and production for OTT delivery.

A survey of existing and new policies, standards and protocols that together could provide increased confidence in the reliability and security of digital services, will also be conducted.

Other projects include ‘10 Things You Need to Know About Live IP Production’ and a DPP Guide to Location Workflows.

Definition of a file delivery standard for UHD is nearing completion, as is an HD commercials standard. Implementation work will take place throughout 2016, and will include an update to the DPP Producer’s Guide to File Delivery as well as best practice guidance on intentionally late programme delivery.

The DPP is collaborating with the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) on a common file delivery standard for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

International Exchange, a workstream which focuses on the needs of those engaged in international distribution will deliver early summer 2016, and a News Exchang workstream is well advanced to deliver Spring 2016.

Finally, a Connectivity Report will look into improving production and post problems associated with finding affordable, fast and reliable connectivity.

The new work has been drawn up in consultation with the DPP’s members. “The DPP is all about drawing on the expertise of our membership. It’s a process that generates insight, innovation and opportunity for those members, as well as for the industry more widely,” said Harrison.