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Snapchat is a “marketing opportunity” for Channel 4

"We need to put out content where the audience is."

Channel 4 has announced further investment in Snapchat content, calling it a “marketing opportunity” at London’s IAB Digital Upfronts event.

The broadcaster currently recuts five of its linear programmes into Snapchat shows with more on the way, additionally planning to produce series specifically for Snapchat as part of its Digital Content Unit.

Having announced a seven-figure investment in original commissions aimed at 13 to 16-year-olds, Channel 4 is keen to capitalise on Snapchat’s retention rate; reportedly 50 per cent higher than other social platforms.

“Increasingly, the more exposure we get with social audiences, the more viewing is happening on our longer-form linear and video-on-demand content,” said James Smart, social media manager at Channel 4. “It’s a marketing opportunity for Channel 4. With linear viewership shrinking due to more competition, we need to put out content where the audience is.”