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Research: Global broadcast and media software and SaaS market worth $43.5 billion

Caretta Research has broken down the figure by category, with content connectivity, storage and delivery being the largest sector

New figures from analysts Caretta Research reveal the global broadcast and media software and SaaS market is now worth $43.5 billion.

The company has broken down the spending by category:

“We’ve built a huge dataset of industry vendors, products, buyers and product deployments, which is constantly being updated,” said Tom Morrod, Caretta Research co-founder and research director.

“We then run advanced data analysis and modelling algorithms on top of the dataset that creates an accurate picture of the value of each market segment, updated daily.”

Speaking about the company’s new online business decision-making tool aimed at technology vendors and buyers, Coretta Portal, Morrod addedL “We’ve taken our vast experience of the industry and applied new research techniques and data analysis methodologies to produce a fresh approach to market analysis. For the first time in the industry, this is delivering time-critical data and strategic market insights updated daily to help technology buyers and vendors make better decisions.”