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“Perfect time” to launch channel for the African diaspora

YANGA! debuts on Sky today

The CEO of a new UK TV channel aimed at the African diaspora has told TVBEurope, now is the “perfect time” to launch.

YANGA! is available on Sky, channel 293. The channel’s EPG and scheduling information will be provided by EBS.

It is aimed at the African diaspora and anyone with an interest in African culture. YANGA! is the first commercial endeavour of Africa MediaWorks, a privately owned, UK-registered limited company.

The channel is funded by advertising, is regulated by Ofcom and will broadcast for 15 hours a day from 9am to 12am GMT.

Lindsey Oliver, managing director of Africa MediaWorks, told TVBEurope: “The African diaspora is a rapidly increasing demographic within the UK, it now forms the majority group in Britain’s black community.

“The impact African cultures are having on the entertainment industry at the moment is significant. Black Panther had the second highest grossing opening weekend of all time; John Boyega, a British Nigerian actor, is storming Hollywood with his portrayal of Finn in the Star Wars franchise; and Drake‚Äôs massive number-one hit One Dance featured West African artist WizKid, who also sold out the Royal Albert Hall in September and Afrobeats is dominating the UK charts.”

Asked if Africa MediaWorks had any qualms about launching a new channel in the UK, especially with so many reports around the impact of Brexit, Oliver said, “It is the perfect time to launch this type of channel in the UK and where else would you do it other than London?”