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Meet the… business solution manager

Mackenzie Jacobson, business solution manager at Imagine Communications, tells TVBEurope how she is adding to a family history in the media industry

Talk us through an average day in your role

As a business solution manager, each day is a mix of activities — and rarely ever the same. I kick off my morning by catching up with clients, ensuring they’re taken care of and well-informed not only about Imagine’s latest innovations, but also about industry trends relevant to their business. My day can include traveling to attend customer meetings or a trade show, showcasing our latest products through dynamic demos. 

Mackenzie Jacobson, business solution manager at Imagine Communications

Collaboration is truly at the heart of what I do, so I spend a lot of time working closely with others, both partners and customers, identifying new opportunities. My ultimate goal is to drive client success and continuously find creative ways to support their growth.

How did you get started in the media industry?

I adore this question because it lets me celebrate my incredible family. I’m honoured to be the third generation to pursue a career in the media industry, following the inspiring paths of my grandpa, aunt, and dad. My childhood was filled with fascinating insights into the media world, witnessing the incredible impact it can have in delivering powerful messages. So joining this industry felt like a natural progression for me and I am happy I followed my passion.

What training did you have before entering the industry?

My formal education certainly provided a solid foundation and I’ve always been driven by a passion for continuous learning, which I’ve nurtured through books, podcasts, and industry mentors. But honestly, my most valuable training has come from life lessons and practical experiences.  A significant part of my learning came from accompanying my dad to customer meetings and trade shows, where I was exposed to this dynamic industry firsthand. And I have to give a grateful shout out to the strong, inspiring women in my family who shaped my professional outlook. 

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?

Ultimately, I thrive on challenges, and this industry is never short of them. Between the ever-evolving viewer preferences and the need for faster, smarter, and quieter solutions – all of this and more piques my curiosity and keeps me motivated. As does working for Imagine.

Not only does the company support a who’s who of major broadcast brands, but their broad reach has also enabled me to engage with new customers in emerging markets such as house of worship. My passion for helping others and love for sales align perfectly with my role at Imagine. It allows me to use my communication skills to inform, inspire, and educate which is why I enjoy working in this industry. 

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to explore a similar role to yours?

There are a couple of suggestions that come to mind. For starters, understand your purpose and what your customer is trying to accomplish. When these two items align, job fulfilment follows. Second, get a mentor. Pick one or several that will challenge you and broaden your perspective. One of my mentors, Imagine’s chief process officer, Glodina Lostanlen, has been incredibly supportive – guiding me in uncharted territory and always pushing me to achieve more for myself. She is a key part to my professional growth and success. 

My final thoughts: take every opportunity to learn, be curious, and build connections. Stay adaptable and open to new challenges and opportunities. Most importantly, always bring your authentic self to the table.