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Pay-TV Innovation Forum prioritises sports rights and data

Pay-TV providers forecast a wider range of pricing and packaging options

NAGRA and MTM have released the global findings of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum, collecting insights from industry executives across Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.

Key findings from the Forum include:

  • Executive sentiment regarding the impact of standalone OTT services is mixed – 70 per cent of pay-TV executives believe it will have a positive impact on their business; 21 per cent anticipate a negative impact
  • Pay-TV providers will have to introduce a wider range of pricing and packaging options to ensure their offerings stay relevant, particularly to younger audiences
  • Retaining tier-one sports rights and aggregating sports OTT services have emerged as key priorities – 93 per cent think that sports streaming services are some of the most valuable types of partners for pay-TV providers
  • Piracy is evolving, requiring deeper industry collaborations, new technical solutions and an evolution of anti-piracy services, with 60 per cent of executives seeing piracy as a challenge to their business
  • Building a 360-degree, data-enabled business is key to successful innovation. Executives see the potential for data and AI/ML capabilities to benefit almost every component of their business

NAGRA senior director, product marketing Simon Trudelle said: “The conclusions of the 2019 program, in its fourth season, show that the sustained growth of OTT SVoD and sports services is paving the way for super-aggregation opportunities across the pay-TV and video industry.

“With shifting demographics, competition from new forms of entertainment and mainstream piracy, rights holders, broadcasters and pay-TV service providers are under intense pressure to evolve their business models to adapt to the new market dynamics. This program provides the new compass required to successfully navigate this new landscape.”