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OB-Team gets Scandinavia’s first 3D OB truck

Sony Professional is currently completing Scandinavia's first 3D-ready OB truck for the TV2-owned production company, OB-Team.

Sony Professional is currently completing Scandinavia’s first 3D-ready OB truck for the TV2-owned production company, OB-Team, writes David Fox.

The truck will include 20,000 metres of cable, work space for an entire TV crew and is equipped with ten 3D cameras to produce 3D TV for a rapidly developing market.

“Sony has unique expertise in 3D productions. The combination of knowledge, training and technology made it easy to choose Sony as our partner,” said Bjørnar Nordahl, Director of OB-Team.

“3D opens up new opportunities, with productions that can be broadcast live or shown as a recording in arts centres and cinemas across the country. We saw that the development of HD suddenly exploded and we believe that 3D will develop at an even faster rate. For example, direct distribution to cinemas was unthinkable two years ago, but now it’s possible,” he added.

The contract with OB-Team has a budget of NOK 29 million (about €3.7m). OB-Team is owned by TV 2, Norway, but also works on productions for other television companies, including NRK. OB-Team will start an intensive training period as soon as the vehicle is ready and intends to start working on its first productions in 3D this autumn.

The technology line up includes: Sony HDC-1500R cameras and HDC-P1 cameras, MVS-7000X vision mixer and a mix of BVM-E1750 OLED and LCD monitors, with LMD-4251TD 3D monitors.

“Sony has taken a leading role in the development of 3D throughout the entire value chain, from production, to distribution to cinemas and domestic TV screens. We have delivered and will continue to deliver the biggest productions of live 3D TV, including the Football World Cup in South Africa, the Champions League, the Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament in Germany and now the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. We have also shown live opera productions in Sweden and see increasing numbers of areas where 3D can create a great entertainment experience,” said Mick Sheehan, head of Sony Professional Norway.

OB-Team’s new truck is currently being completed at Broadcast Networks in England and is scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks.