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Julian Fernandez-Campon named Tedial CTO

Responsible for overseeing R&D, operations and customer support

Tedial has announced the promotion of Julian Fernandez-Campon to chief technology officer, effective immediately.

The new CTO will be responsible for overseeing R&D, operations and customer support, ensuring that the company’s strategy aligns with industry changes and market trends.

Fernandez-Campon has been part of Tedial since it was founded in 2001, his strong background in computer science serving as the foundation for his expertise in new technologies.

Tedial CEO Emilio L. Zapata said: “Julian’s skill, talent and deep knowledge of the industry is reflected in the quality and success of our solutions.

“We are confident that the company will not only continue, but thrive as he assumes this leadership position, and our customers will benefit as he drives our technology to the next level.”