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IET appoints Naomi Climer as president

Naomi Climer has been appointed as president-elect and becomes IET president on 1 October 2015

Naomi Climer has been appointed as president-elect and becomes IET president on 1 October 2015. Climer is currently president of Sony Media Cloud Services.

Climer will succeed former current president William Webb, becoming the IET’s first ever woman to serve in the role. Climer has been active in the IET and was previously deputy president of the Institute.

“Engineering is a hugely exciting and diverse career with the opportunity to do something life- or world-changing,” commented Climer. “But there is a big job to do to increase public understanding of the important role engineering plays in their daily lives and get more young people excited about the possibilities of an engineering career.

“Engineering and technology are behind almost everything. From our smartphones and the apps that can help us navigate at sea, track our health or remotely control our homes as well as making phone calls. In transport, from the driverless car to commercial space travel, environmental engineering and air traffic control. Security, robotics, virtual reality and music also rely heavily on engineering. There’s something for everyone in an engineering career!

“It will be an honour to become the president of the IET and of course to be the first female in that role.”

Climer joined the BBC in 1987 as a broadcast engineer and went on to manage a range of IT software development projects for radio stations, broadcasters and IT-based companies. She returned to the Corporation, first working at BBC World Service and then Television Centre, becoming controller of technology for BBC News.

She was appointed vice president of Sony Professional Solutions Europe in May 2006, and is responsible for leading the expansion of Sony’s European media, broadcast and business-to-business operations.

The IET dates back to 1871 and states its mission as being ‘To inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.’