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HPA issues open letter of concern for survival of media creation supply chain

Members of the post production, creative, and creative technology communities face a critical moment as current work stoppages threaten the long-term viability of the industry pipeline, says the HPA

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) has issued an open letter of concern for the “survival of the media creation supply chain”, urging the AMPTP and the Guilds to come to a resolution over the ongoing strike action. 

In the letter, the HPA says that the current stasis “has already brought harsh consequences to the many thousands of people and businesses who support media creation. At this point, the long-term impact to what is referred to as the industry supply chain in post production, VFX, and production support is already real and dire.” 

The real risk for its members, it adds, is that they may not be able to return to work should the status quo be prolonged. “With each passing day without resolution, the economic damage to supply chain companies and their employees grows ever more devastating. Organisations indispensable to the creation of media are cutting staff and services, and in some cases, even risk closing. Many talented and skilled professionals are losing their jobs and life savings. Some are leaving the industry entirely, taking their expertise with them. Without a near-term resolution, there is significant risk to the ability of the industry to easily recover.” 

The full letter can be read, and endorsed by industry members, here.