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Google invests in AI transcription company Trint

Funding part of latest grants from Google's DNI Fund

Google has invested €300,000 into artificial intelligence transcription company Trint.

The investment is part of the latest grants from Google’s Digital News Fund, which supports the development and build of new technology that allows news organisations and others to leverage translation AI in ways never seen before.

Trint will use the funding in its Trint Translation Project (TTP), which adds translation capabilities to the company’s AI-powered transcription software. TTP aims to increase the speed with which news organisations (and others) create, tailor and distribute content to a worldwide audience by providing fast and highly accurate translation.

Trint was founded by Emmy award-winning journalist Jeff Kofman, the company’s transcription technology is already being used by some of the globe’s largest media organisations including Associated Press (AP) which uses Trint to generate searchable transcripts of audio and video that can be promptly verified and timed. 

In a pilot project, AP journalists used Trint to transcribe audio and video from recorded interviews rather than doing so manually. The project found that video producers were spending more than 45 minutes per day on manual transcription, while using Trint resulted in a significant reduction in transcription time.

“The news industry may be global in scale, but language remains the last big barrier to a truly open, global distribution of modern news,” said Kofman. “This support will be crucial in bringing this new service to newsrooms around the world. The Trint Translation Project will enable any organisation to create a single, unified platform to access translation for global distribution of multilingual content, which has huge implications for the way that we share information and news between different nations and peoples.”