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DPP: How have the events of 2020 impacted production?

Latest report in the DPP's Design for Tomorrow series follows a series of workshops with experts drawn from the production community and their suppliers.

In its latest report, the DPP has looked at how the events of 2020 have impacted the world of production, and how companies can set themselves up for success in the future.

Content Creation: Producing Ingenuity has been released following a series of workshops with 60 experts, drawn from the production community and its suppliers.

The report explores how new challenges in production materialised in 2020, and how the experience changed the way successful production companies – and their suppliers – will design their business models for the future.

Among the themes explored by the report are:

  • Effectiveness for a compact, adaptable and technically empowered core team
  • The shift to a consumption based, data-rich business model
  • How to define the purpose and usability of workplace tools
  • The effective enablement of remote and location based creative teams
  • How supplier relationships will evolve to combine partnership and flexibility

“2020 may come to be remembered as the year when production became truly connected,” said DPP CEO Mark Harrison. “Moments of upheaval always bring a resurgence of creative energy – so expect producers to now push new ways of working to the limits.”

Content Creation: Producing Ingenuity is available for DPP members to download from the DPP website.