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Disney to focus on innovation and audience in 2022

"We should be especially innovative as we seek to bring stories to life in new ways," said CEO Bob Chapek

Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek has revealed the company will focus on three strategic pillars during 2022 as it moves towards its 100th anniversary in 2023.

In a memo to staff, Chapek laid out the three pillars: Storytelling excellence, innovation, and a “relentless focus on our audience”.

As part of the memo, Chapek paid tribute to Disney’s staff for weathering “the most disruptive time in our company’s history”.

“It’s ironic that this disruption is happening as we prepare to celebrate our company’s 100th anniversary. For nearly a century, we have defined and redefined entertainment, created countless lifelong memories, and delighted fans and families around the world. It’s a legacy that is simply unrivalled—and a welcome responsibility for us to build upon,” he said.

In terms of the innovation pillar, Chapek stated that as technology evolves, Disney must continue to give its creative teams new canvases like the metaverse on which to paint. “We should be especially innovative as we seek to bring stories to life in new ways—particularly if they enhance what many call our ‘franchise ecosystem,’ which is one of the things that sets us apart,” he added.

“We have a portfolio of distribution platforms across the world—including powerful streaming services—with the ability to reach audiences anywhere, anytime. We have a unique ability to impact culture and connect with people on deeply personal levels,” said Chapek.