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Channel 4 makes progress in closing gender pay gap

"There remains much more for us to do," says Mahon

New figures have revealed that Channel 4 is reducing the gender pay gap within the organisation.

In March, it was found that the broadcaster’s gender pay gap was almost treble that of some of its rivals.

Channel 4 reduced its mean gender pay gap from 28.6 per cent in 2017 to 22.7 per cent in 2018 – a reduction of 21 per cent. Its median pay gap has also dropped from 24.2 per cent to 22.3 per cent.

With regards to bonuses, its mean gap fell from 47.6 per cent to 39.4 per cent, while its median gap fell from 28.7 per cent to 25 per cent.

CEO Alex Mahon released the figures as part of Channel 4’s 2017 Annual Report session with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

Mahon recently implemented a strategy to boost the progression of women at senior levels with a target of 50:50 gender balance amongst the top 100 earners by 2023.

“I made clear earlier this year that the size of Channel 4’s Gender Pay Gap was unacceptable – especially for an organisation like ours which champions diversity and inclusion,” said Mahon.

“I’m pleased that our focus on the progression of women to senior levels of the organisation has already had an impact, but there remains much more for us to do and I’m confident we’ll see the gap get smaller still in the coming years.”