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Canal+ refuses to pay for Ligue 1 rights amid COVID-19 disruptions

Argues it has "no other choice" than to suspend payments

Canal+ has told France’s Professional Football League (LFP) that it will not pay for Ligue 1 rights while matches are paused due to COVID-19.

The pay-TV group wrote to the LFP saying it would not pay the remainder of its bill, claiming that its “advertising revenues are falling” and “international activities are affected.” It therefore has “no other choice” than to suspend payments.

The LFP responded: “We do not understand this position of Canal+ which does not even want to pay for what was delivered,” arguing that 28 of the planned 38 games have already been played.

Canal+ has paid 67 per cent of its annual bill, leaving it with €35 million outstanding.

The LFP has requested a meeting with the channel for further discussion.