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AP newsroom computer system for largest African broadcaster

South African Broadcast Corp. will deploy ENPS - the Associated Press newsroom computer system - nationwide across both TV and radio in an installation encompassing 15 sites.

SABC, which is the largest broadcaster on the continent of Africa, has placed an order for The Associated Press ENPS newsroom computer system. South African Broadcast Corp. will deploy ENPS nationwide across both TV and radio in an installation encompassing 15 sites.

The decision to use ENPS was made after a public tender and rigorous evaluation. AP’s main integration partners in the project will be Quantel and Miranda, while ATG Broadcast will serve as systems integrator.

SABC chief technical officer Richard Waghorn commented: “We are very impressed with what we have seen of ENPS and we believe that the integration of several top-drawer vendors will give us the best combination of performance and reliability. The new system will be a significant event for our news teams in that it will align the SABC with other international broadcasters.”

The scale of SABC’s requirements will put the project in the top bracket of ENPS installations around the world. AP director of international business development for ENPS Paddy Payne (pictured) reflected: “I am delighted that ENPS has emerged successfully from what has been a rigorous period of evaluation. We will be proud to offer not only the customary ENPS commitment to quality and service but also support in our system for all 11 official languages of the Rainbow Nation.”

ENPS has been represented throughout the sales and assessment process by Inala Broadcast, the authorised ENPS Distributor for southern Africa since 2007. Inala Broadcast will be involved in installing, training and commissioning the system, as well as providing ongoing support for the SABC’s newsgathering operations within ENPS.