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AP and Sky share RTS news technology award

Recognised for broadcasting live video from the depths of the Indian Ocean

The Associated Press and Sky have been presented with the RTS Television Journalism Award for news technology for their transmission of broadcast-quality live video from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

The two companies joined forces to send live footage of a deep sea scientific mission through the waves without cables to hundreds of broadcasters and digital publishers across the globe in March 2019.

Video was transmitted from 200 metres below the surface using the blue light region of the electromagnetic spectrum, removing the need for the submersibles and the scientists within to be tethered to fibre optic cables.

The technology was engineered by subsea communications specialist Sonardyne, with satellite transport from Inmarsat.

“AP has long been a pioneer in this field and is constantly innovating. This project allowed us to transport viewers to a vast hidden expanse of ocean that mankind has never previously explored, which was truly remarkable,” said Sandy MacIntyre, vice president and director of key news initiatives. “It is an honour for the Royal Television Society to recognise AP’s live broadcasting milestone with a Television Journalism Award for news technology.”

You can read TVBEurope‘s interview with the team who worked on the project in our May 2019 issue.