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ACT reveals Blueprint for Media Policy 2019-2024

Calls for a robust, responsible and reliable media policy

The Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT) has revealed its Blueprint for Media Policy 2019-2024, a set of guidelines for European policy-makers wishing to maintain media plurality, quality news and cultural diversity.

The Blueprint calls for the following:

  • Robust Media policy that delivers a more ambitious industrial vision, joined up with a competition framework
  • Responsible online platform policies with a set of ex ante and ex post measures to deliver a digital environment that rewards rights and allows for innovation; online platforms need to deliver on access to data, transparency and quality
  • Reliable rights and commercial freedoms, ensuring the EU’s policies uphold territoriality and contractual freedom; tackling piracy and protecting content so that the creative ecosystem is not irremediably damaged

Dr Fedele Confalonieri, Mediaset chairman and founding member of ACT, said: “We are no longer a small club of European entrepreneurs but our common goal is still a commitment to keeping alive the mission that united us 30 years ago: to be the driver of original content in Europe.”

Guillaume de Posch, ACT president, added: “I am delighted that after 30 years ACT continues to lead the way on media policy. This forward looking blueprint will set the tone for the next five years. Europe has a big challenge, and many opportunities, ahead.

“The principles set out in the Blueprint are there to guide European decision-makers to a successful, vibrant and diverse media ecosystem. ACT and its membership looks forward to engage on these critical topics.”