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2020 to bring “even fiercer competition” in streaming wars

Future of esports and 5G discussed in new report from Kantar

Streaming, 5G and esports are hot topics for 2020 according to Kantar’s Media Trends and Predictions report.

Next year will see “even fiercer competition” in the streaming wars, the report predicts, with TV continuing to converge around advertiser-funded and subscription-based services. “But the ever-increasing amount of available content and platforms will lead to a paradox of choice; more is not always better,” notes Kantar’s Sushmita Jain. “Overwhelmed consumers will become more discerning and focus their time on services with algorithms that provide the greatest enjoyment.”

Meanwhile 5G adoption will gather speed next year, led by China’s 10 million existing 5G subscribers. While allowing people to stream TV and video content reliably without a wi-fi connection, “the privacy concerns of consumers and the data protection regulations, such as Europe’s GDPR, must be considered,” explains Kantar’s Paul Cha. “There will be a fine line between providing a better experience and overstepping the mark.”

The already substantial prevalence of esports is also projected to grow in 2020, presenting lucrative opportunities for media owners and advertisers who take the time to understand the phenomenon. “2020 will also see more traditional sports move into esports: for example, football clubs establishing their own esports teams, and Formula One streamed over Twitch with gamification,” predicts Kantar’s Jose Colagrossi. “And as coverage of esports expands into traditional media, we predict that esports players will become well-known celebrities and influencers in their own right.”

Read Kantar’s full report here.