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BOB gets new audio console down by the Riverside

Outside broadcast specialist Riverside Television has chosen Calrec Brio 36 for its 'bigger outside broadcast' (BOB) truck

Pro audio distributor Synthax Audio has announced that Ireland-based broadcast and OB supplier Riverside Television has equipped its new outside broadcast truck with Calrec’s compact Brio 36 audio console.

This comes as part of Riverside’s recent expansion of its OB vehicle fleet, in which Calrec’s Brio 36 was chosen for its new outside broadcast truck ‘BOB’ (bigger OB truck), which was designed by Megahertz Ltd, with the Brio supplied by Synthax Audio UK.

“Riverside Television’s owner Cyril O’ Regan was planning to build a new Outside Broadcast truck called BOB (Bigger OB),” said Gerard Hughes, head of sound at Riverside. “We started to look at the audio side of things early in the design, because we cover a large variety of productions.”

“We needed a system that was super flexible but had a small footprint – with as much I/O as we could get – and with the option to rent extra I/O if needed. Reliability is key when doing live broadcasts, and the Brio 36 Medley ticked all the boxes.”

Calrec’s Anthony Harrison (sales manager UK, Ireland and the Nordics) added, “This is the ideal application for Brio, a fully featured OB van with easy access to lots of sources. We’re very pleased to see Riverside as a happy Calrec user.”