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Amazon Prime adds Dolby Atmos, expands stats technology for Premier League matches

Selected matches will be available in Ultra HD with Dolby Atmos audio, kicking off with this weekend's match between Liverpool and Wolves.

As the Premier League returns to Amazon Prime Video this weekend, the streamer has announced certain matches will be available in Ultra HD with Dolby Atmos.

Amazon kicks off its coverage of the Premie League this weekend with Liverpool’s match at home against Wolves. As in 2019, it will broadcast two full fixture rounds of Premier League action, with every team playing twice.

It is the first streaming service to offer matches with Dolby Atmos audio for a live sporting event.

On web, mobile, and Fire TV, Amazon is offering fans deeper insights into the match using its X-Ray function. It enables fans to track advanced live match stats (via Opta), and catch-up on key highlights and moments from the match at the press of a button during a live match. X-Ray also includes player line-ups, key club information such as stadium details and mascot names as well as extra information about any of the players from each club.

Amazon said it will have over 350 cameras in Premier League stadiums, working with over 2000 camera operators, editors, sound engineers, directors, mixers and producers, with over 30 hours of football broadcast on Prime Video across December.

Alex Green, Managing Director, Prime Video Sport, Europe, said: “It has obviously been a strange and difficult year for many people, and as broadcasters we’ve had to be agile, both in how we originally adapted to Covid-19 and how we are now re-introducing actual stadium atmosphere into our production,” said Alex Green, managing director, Prime Video Sport, Europe.

“Until we have more fans in the stadium we still believe viewers at home will want additional stadium atmosphere audio by default, but as we always do we will provide the option for Prime members to turn it off and watch the match with the screams, shouts and cheers you expect from a live football crowd.”