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Viceland launches in UK

19 September 2016
Viceland launches in UK

Vice has rolled out its new 24-hour TV channel Viceland throughout the UK, making it available via Sky and Now TV.

The youth-orientated channel will premiere exclusive, distinctive original programmes, developed and produced in-house by Vice. It will, according to Vice, ‘take young audiences across the globe’ to offer a ‘contemporary take on youth cultures’.

Alex Miller, creative director, Viceland, said, “This is a new TV channel with a personality and a point of view. We want this channel to feel like it came from real people who really care, and we want it to feel special to viewers who watch it. We can’t wait for people to tune in.”

The channel is celebrating its first day of broadcast with The Viceland UK Census, a 90-minute one-off documentary that ‘unveils the true attitudes and beliefs of young people in the UK’.

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