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Session sees action Hero halved

The new Hero4 Session is half the size than GoPro’s best-selling Hero4 Black and Silver cameras, and 40% lighter, partly due to not requiring a separate housing for underwater use. It is also very simple to use, with one-button control.

It can record 1080p 50/60, 720p up to 100fps and 1920×1440 25/30p video along with eight megapixel photos in single, burst and time lapse modes. It lacks many of the features found in the Hero4 Black and Silver models, but does have SuperView, Protune and Auto Low Light recording modes, although they don’t offer the complete range of options (such as higher bitrates, white balance adjustments, EV compensation or colour profiles). An expanded set of controls and settings can be accessed using the GoPro App or Smart Remote, via WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Hero4 Session is waterproof to 10m and is compatible with existing GoPro mounts (it comes with a new Ball Joint Buckle mount). Because its waterproof design avoids having a separate housing, which can often muffle sounds, it offers better audio during water sports. It also has a new dual microphone system that dynamically switches sound recording between microphones to reduce wind noise. However, it doesn’t have a separate microphone input, or a removable battery.

Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO, said, “At GoPro, sound quality is as important as image quality, and we’re very excited about the stunning audio advancements we’ve made with Hero4
Session during water-based and windy activities.”

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