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‘YouTube enthusiasts’ value traditional TV

New study by the Video Advertising Bureau finds YouTube fans prioritise episodic TV

YouTube users are ‘highly engaged’ with linear TV, according to a new report by the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB).

The study found that ‘YouTube enthusiasts’ are 85 per cent more likely to watch a TV programme live as it airs than to watch a YouTube video as soon as it is posted.

They are also 22 per cent more likely to feel personally connected to the characters on their favourite TV shows than to their favourite YouTube personality, and are 25 per cent more likely to try and convince a friend to start watching their favourite TV programme than their favourite YouTube personality.

Additionally, YouTube fans are 51 per cent more likely to purchase a product they saw while watching a TV programme than one they saw in a video by their favourite YouTube personality.

According to VAB: “YouTube enthusiasts are video addicts that are highly engaged with content across platforms including long-form, professionally-produced episodic programming from ad-supported TV.

“When thinking about these viewers, it’s important to understand that it’s not an ‘either/or’ proposition between YouTube and TV but rather a desire for more content across platforms.”

The full report is available here.