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Simultaneous live streaming traffic jumped 200 per cent during Brexit vote

Huge increase compared to the usual levels of streamed parliamentary content from the Tuesday before

Limelight Networks has reported a 200 per cent increase in simultaneous live streaming data traffic during Tuesday’s debate and vote on the government’s Brexit plan.

That’s in comparison to the usual levels of streamed parliamentary content from the Tuesday before.

According to the company’s data analysis, the higher than normal levels of non-live demand video were sustained more than an hour and a half after the vote results itself. It has also reported a six-fold increase in the number of data requests for video content with Brexit directly in the URL.

Commenting on the spike in Brexit live streaming, Steve Miller-Jones, vice president product strategy, Limelight Networks said: “With the fractious political climate of current times, we’re seeing major political events cause significant spikes in traffic across our network. These events can place significant strain on a broadcaster’s content delivery strategy if they haven’t planned ahead, namely because they can be completely unexpected.

“Wherever you stand on the issue, Brexit became high political drama this week that the British public wanted to watch and experience digitally wherever they liked. We are pleased that our infrastructure helped ensure British voters could keep tabs on their political representatives in real time. A CDN can do a great deal in ensuring as many people as possible have great digital experiences but unfortunately it cannot solve Brexit.”