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Plethora of streaming services is introducing “a golden age” of TV

Roku CEO Anthony Wood is positive about the increasing number of streaming services

Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood has said the increasing number of streaming services available to viewers is introducing “a golden age” of TV.

Speaking to CNBC, Wood said “It just makes TV great and I think it will just accelerate the switch to streaming.”

Wood also discussed Apple’s decision to launch its streaming service Apple TV+ through third parties such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV boxes, Vizio, Sony, LG and Samsung smart TVs.

“Obviously, they’re counting on jump-starting [the streaming service] with all of their iPhone and iPad and Mac customers,”said Wood. “But actually, smart TVs are the way that most streaming services, long-form streaming services are viewed by customers. That’s where they spend most of their hours. And so for any kind of service like that to be successful you want to be on the leading streaming TV platforms.”