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Pizza Hut launches shoes that can pause live TV

'Pie Tops' are linked to viewer's cable provider

Pizza Hut has launched a pair of shoes that can pause a viewer’s TV while they order a delivery.

Pie Tops have a button inside the tongue of one of the shoes that will pause live TV. They also have a button that orders pizza for the wearer.

The shoes have been launched in the US to tie-in with NCAA March Madness and work with the viewer’s DVR receiver, they are compatible with receivers from Spectrum, DirecTV, XFiniy, Dish, and Fios.

The idea is that viewers can use the button to pause a game while they answer the door to their pizza delivery.

“It’s called March Madness for a reason,” said Zipporah Allen, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut. “We don’t want anyone to miss a play while answering the door to get their pizza.”

TVBEurope has contacted Pizza Hut to ask if there are any plans to launch the shoes in Europe.