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Orange announces 5G, smart speaker plans

Plans to install 5G in 17 European cities in 2019

Orange has announced plans to install 5G in 17 European cities in 2019, ahead of commercial release in 2020.

The telco said it expects to install 5G across France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania.

French cities confirmed for 5G trial include Lille, Paris, Marseille and Nantes.

During its annual Show Hello event, Orange also unveiled plans to launch a new smart speaker, Djingo.

Developed with Deutsche Telekom as part of the European AI Alliance, the Djingo smart speaker is voice-controlled and can be used to interact with Orange TV and to control all of the company’s Connected Homeservices.

It will also be included in the remote control for Orange’s set-top box.

Orange said it intends to enhance the range of services available via Djingo through partnerships with OUI.Sncf, Deezer, Radio France and Météo France. The Djingo smart speaker will be available in all Orange stores by spring 2019.