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Newsgathering goes Social with TVU platform

TVU Networks has released TVU Social, a new integrated social media platform.

TVU Networks has released TVU Social, a new integrated social media platform. With TVU Social the company aims to provide a boost to IP newsgathering by introducing a simple of quickly reaching digital viewers, and to enable broadcasters to make social media an integral part of the live newsgathering process.

TVU Social allows field reporters and TV stations to participate in social media engagement with viewers and promote their live shots. Social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Weibo can now be integrated into the workflow of newsgathering operations with TVUPack.

TVU Social enables field crews to post still images from the live video transmitted through TVUPack directly to their social media networks without requiring the use of a separate device. The platform aims to help field reporters or camera operators report breaking news for both television and digital viewers simultaneously, and to connect more frequently and readily with audiences.

“For the first time, the reporter can post what they see in the viewfinder directly to social media sites with just the push of a button,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “TVU Social is the result of TVU engineers working closely with top broadcasters and news organisations around the world and is another example of TVU’s commitment to delivering innovations to our customers.”

TVU has also introduced its Social Media Manager Web service for in-studio management of the TVU Social platform. The TVU Social Media Manager collects images from each of the station’s live TVUPack transmitters, which can then be selected and posted to social media sites.