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Netflix is in half of all US households with broadband

59 per cent of US broadband households now subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu

According to new figures from market research firm Park Associates, Netflix can now be found in half of all US households with broadband.

The company also found that 59 per cent of US broadband households now subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

The OTT Video Marker Tracker also reports that six per cent of US broadband households subscribe to a service other than one of the top three, while three per cent and signed up to one or more sports OTT video service, including MLB.TV, NFL Game Pass, NBA League Pass, or WWE Network.

However, the firm notes that household penetration is slowing and that growth areas are in multi-subscription households and older consumers adopting services.

“For years, the television has been the stronghold for the traditional TV industry,” said Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Parks Associates. “Today, more televisions are connected to the internet than ever, either directly or through connected devices like game consoles or streaming media players, such as Roku or Apple TV. The fact that one-half of broadband households watch internet video on a television shows that we are well past a tipping point. The market has fundamentally changed.”

The study also found that 88 per cent of computer-based viewing is from nonlinear sources, and that 72 per cent of nonpay TV subscribers subscribe to an OTT video service, which is their primary source for content.

“Broadcasters, cable networks, and pay-TV providers have noted a decline in viewership for live, linear TV channels and a corresponding increase in on-demand viewing,” Sappington said. “The abundance of alternatives is clearly impacting the traditional TV industry. Well over 60 per cent of households now subscribe to one or more OTT video services, and one-third subscribe to two or more services.