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NEP Netherlands’ CDN platform reaches new streaming milestone

Platform recorded a figure of 726.01Gbit/s partly due to streaming of the FIFA World Cup

NEP The Netherlands’ CDN platform recently reached a new milestone for the Dutch market with the figure of 726.01Gbit/s, partly due to streaming of the FIFA World Cup.

The content distribution network of NEP has been operating since 2006 and makes the viewing of content — live streaming as well as films and series on demand — available on mobile devices, Smart TVs and web browsers.

Other big media parties in the Dutch market also make large-scale use of this CDN. Via AMS-IX, NL-IX and direct links with providers, the CDN delivers digital files to the consumer in a quick and uninterrupted manner, in any format and to any device.

It also offers the latest streaming technologies that are facilitated by, among other things, the third generation ‘CDN federation’ service which was developed by NEP. This service was built on the in-house developed Stream Access Manager platform and integrates multiple CDNs. Based on performance and other statistics, it is determined which CDN is most suitable to serve the viewer.

NEP also offers its clients the option to connect other systems to its CDN so it can serve as a transfer medium. High availability, flexibility and scalability are important cornerstones, including the ability for NEP to switch to other large CDNs during times of high viewing peaks, such as during the FIFA World Cup.

“We follow the trend from linear to non-linear television viewing and in this regard our people are, again, making the difference,” said Ralf van Vegten, managing director, NEP The Netherlands. “Our development department is continuously exploring new possibilities in order to respond to the quickly changing market and wishes of the consumer, and through that, those of our clients.”