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Football dominates live TV watched on mobile over Christmas

EE reveals the top 10 most-watched live moments

EE has revealed that football was the most-watched live TV content on mobile over Christmas and New Year, representing nine of the top 10 positions.

Liverpool’s 5-1 home win over Arsenal took the top spot, followed by Manchester United’s win against Bournemouth and Rangers’ victory over Celtic.

The most-watched non-football event was the BBC’s New Year coverage which took sixth place in the top 10, with EastEnders and the Queen’s Speech following behind.

The findings reflect a year-on-year growth in mobile video, as 2018 represented peak data volumes.

The full top 10 is as follows:

  1. Liverpool vs Arsenal (29th December)
  2. Manchester United vs Bournemouth (30th December)
  3. Rangers vs Celtic (29th December)
  4. Brighton & Hove vs Arsenal (Boxing Day)
  5. Southampton vs Manchester City (30th December)
  6. BBC New Year’s coverage (New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day)
  7. Chelsea vs Crystal Palace (30th December)
  8. Cardiff vs Tottenham (New Year’s Day)
  9. Aberdeen vs Celtic (Boxing Day)
  10. Southampton vs West Ham (27th December)