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F1 OTT issues ‘may take another year’ to eradicate

Formula 1 CEO admits to issues with the F1 TV service

Issues with glitches in the content on Formula 1’s OTT service could take up to a year to fix, according to the sport’s CEO.

Chase Carey admitted there have been issues with the live streams to F1 TV, particularly around the Azerbaijan race last month, which has led to many fans being given refunds.

Carey told investors that the issues around the race in Baku were unexpected and “that’s the nature of these platforms. So, I think you have to deal with it. And to some degree, the unexpected, obviously, is always troubling. But it was not in the main stack of what we’re trying to build there. I think that the unexpected will occur occasionally but I think we felt we made pretty good headway.

“These things aren’t perfect and it’ll probably still take us another year to get all the small bugs out of it,” said Carey.

Carey also said Formula 1 still hasn’t properly utilised its wealth of archive content, adding that the team initially thought they would need two years to work through the material.

“Obviously, last year, we were a bit behind. So, probably what initially we thought we’d get there in two is probably more likely in three.

“Dealing with the problems are always going to set you back a little bit, but I think we actually feel we are making headway and feel we’re getting to where we plan and hope to be.”