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Edgeware helps broadcasters offer ‘lean back’ OTT TV experiences

Virtual Channel Creation can be used to create alternative OTT versions of linear channels

Edgeware has launched a new solution aimed at broadcasters who want to launch ‘lean back’ OTT TV experiences to viewers.

This new Virtual Channel Creation solution can be used to create alternative OTT versions of linear channels that are adapted for the broadcaster’s audience – such as fans of different sports teams, an age demographic or people watching in a particular region.

The solution is based on “channel stitching” and “blackout” technology and resides within Edgeware’s TV Content Capture and TV Repackager products. The company said it further enhances the customisation options from Edgeware’s set of origin software products, which already provide frame accurate segmentation to enable glitch-free personalised ads.

“Viewers can be overwhelmed by the amount of online content available and sometimes want a more ‘lean-back’ TV viewing experience,” said Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware.

“Our solution saves them having to proactively search for content of interest – which is sometimes known as ‘lean-forward’ TV viewing. The solution enables broadcasters to simply and efficiently create virtual channels. For example, building temporary channels, ‘fan-channels’, around highly popular live programmes, such as sports or music events, and stitch that together with related content bits could offer a way to increase their stickiness.”