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EBS expands Chello Zone data services

UK-based EBS has further expanded its EPG data services for the Chello Zone.

UK-based EBS has further expanded its EPG data services for the Chello Zone, international broadcaster and creator of TV channels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Africa. EBS now provides EPG data services for CBS Action and CBS drama in South Africa; MGM across EMEA; and MGM HD in Russia.

Using Mediator, EBS’ in-house scheduling application, the company is able to take all scheduling information for each channel and restructure it to meet the requirements of platforms in any territory. As well as enabling preparation and distribution services for these latest channels, EBS also provides Chello Zone with XML feeds, which allow automatic updates to the TV listings on the Chello Zone website as well as any other platforms that accept XML.

Matt Smith EBS’ business development manager explained: “By delivering XML feeds we provide a key benefit for broadcasters like Chello Zone because the XML feeds enable data updated by us, to automatically refresh the customer’s website for example, immediately, without reimporting and updating the whole file. Many EPG suppliers send updates via email, which is a time-consuming process and increases the risk of human error.”

“The EPG is our primary marketing tool for territories outside the UK so we rely heavily on EBS,” added Brian Drinkwater, head of content management, Chello Zone. “Quite simply, if there’s no EPG data there’s no way of viewing content and if the data is incorrect the viewer isn’t going to return. The fact that EBS is a niche company means that their service is extremely quick and has a personal touch. We can literally pick up the phone one day and the next day a new service is up and running.”