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DPP launches Sustainability Programme

Available free to all DPP members and non-members

The DPP has launched a new initiative to promote environmentally sustainable practices among suppliers and content providers.

The DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme provides a self-assessment checklist that allows companies to record their progress in implementing sustainability policies, completion of which entitles a company to display the Committed to Sustainability mark.

Enabled by DPP member company Atos, the Programme is available to all companies, free of charge, regardless of whether they are a member of the DPP.

A number of DPP member companies have already completed the assessment, making Atos, Film Locker, InSync Technology, Piksel, Qvest Media, Red Bee and Sundog Media Toolkit the first holders of the Committed to Sustainability mark.

“We all have an obligation to take action to address the climate emergency,” said DPP MD Mark Harrison. “This programme creates a simple and effective means for all media companies to ensure they understand how they can minimise their environmental impact – and record their progress.”

“The case for collective action at an industry level to help tackle the effects of climate change is compelling,” added Atos UK&I chief digital officer Kavi Pelpola. “We are delighted that Committed to Sustainability has been launched with close involvement and support from a broad range of partners.

“This programme is a clear signal of intent by the media and entertainment industry and an important step on the road to reducing its environmental footprint in the UK in a tangible and coordinated way.”