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China launches 6G R&D

Ministry of Science and Technology sets up working groups

China has officially begun research and development for 6G mobile networks.

Having just rolled out 5G, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced it will set up two working groups to carry out the development: one comprising relevant government departments responsible for promoting R&D; the other comprising 37 universities, research institutes and enterprises, laying out the technical side of 6G.

Vice Minister Wang Xi of the Ministry of Science and Technology said 6G is in its infancy: “The technical route is still not clear, and the key indicators and application scenarios have not been standardised and defined… In this critical period of national development, we must attach great importance to the 6G development, coordinate its planning, promote it with efficiency, and open up for innovation in this area.”

Earlier this year, Samsung revealed its own discussions into the arrival of 6G.