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Zixi soars with Blackbird, Telestream launches monitoring-as-a-service solution and more

TVBEurope rounds-up today's key technology announcements

Zixi and Blackbird have announced a partnership and integration, enabling Cloud video editing and publishing for Zixi workflows.

The integration gives Zixi the ability to insert branding, advertising and sponsored content for delivery to subscriber platforms.

The integrated SDVP provides ultra-low latency video delivery with the Zixi protocol, as well as transport, network and content quality analytics through Zixi Video Solutions stack.

ZEN Master allows remote users to maintain business continuity by securely orchestrating, managing and monitoring broadcast-quality, low-latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world.

Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough said: “This partnership with world-leading technology provider Zixi is an integral part of Blackbird’s OEM strategy.

“Zixi is the default standard for the ingest and distribution of live video. Blackbird enables customers to distribute and syndicate broadcast-quality video content to OTT, web and digital platforms and with our customers insisting on using these two great technologies together, we are very happy to have partnered to bring this offering to market.”

Telestream launches monitoring-as-a-service solution

Telestream has launched its new OptiQ Monitor, a Cloud-based monitoring-as-a-service solution offering real-time deployment of live ABR quality monitoring at scale in over 70 global geographic regions.

The solution is designed to give broad visibility into the health and performance of live OTT channels delivered through CDN partners.

The company said OptiQ Monitor is for users such as content owners, broadcasters, event operators and sports leagues that have already put in place the infrastructure required to support their live streaming channels but have no monitoring infrastructure, especially post-CDN.

Telestream OptiQ product manager Kenneth Haren said: “We introduced OptiQ Monitor service to the international broadcast industry during the 2019 IBC Show in Amsterdam and it generated strong interest from show attendees. We’re thrilled to say it’s now available.

“OptiQ Monitor is a Cloud service that radically changes the approach for on-demand monitoring and analytics, delivering real-time performance and quality insights of OTT channel quality. For the first time, customers can spin up a multi-Cloud hosted service in an automated and orchestrated fashion.”

Prime Focus Technologies enhances virtual work environment

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) has unveiled new features and advanced security enhancements of its CLEAR suite to help customers embrace the virtual work environment.

The new functionalities include:

  • Enhanced security
    • New-generation HTML 5 player enabled with Hollywood-grade DRM encryption
    • Support for Just-In-Time (JIT) visual watermarking embedded within the stream
  • Ease of use
    • New Apple TV App, designed for instant and secure access
    • New Folder admin allowing users to organise and manage their projects
    • Faster download from S3 and Azure storage
    • New UI experience
  • Content acquisition
    • Enhanced support for acquisition of content packages instead of individual files
    • Support extended to DPP-standardised content
    • Bulk QC – review single asset and correct multiple copies, eliminating repetition
    • Vidchecker support for auto QC
  • Content servicing
    • Subtitle tool inside CLEAR to create and review streaming-proxy-based subtitles
    • CLEAR provides users with subtitle import capabilities to perform QC of vendor deliverables
  • Content distribution
    • Cloud transcode technologies support for AWS Media Convert and Vantage
    • Standardised S3 delivery

PFT founder and global CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan said: “Empowering our customers to work from home, we have bolstered CLEAR with powerful security and ease-of-use features conducive to a remote, work from home environment.

“As we battle COVID-19, we understand the concerns around business continuity. While this is an unprecedented challenge on all fronts, as your technology partner, our entire software team is working from home and continuing to support the usage of the CLEAR platform, globally.”