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Pixel Power adds uncompressed IP playout to StreamMaster

SMTPE ST 2110 will be supported as software solutions

Pixel Power has announced the addition of uncompressed IP playout capability to its StreamMaster technology.

According to the company, SMTPE ST 2110 will be supported as software solutions whether on-premise or virtualised in a data centre.

The SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite specifies the carriage, synchronisation and description of separate elementary essence streams over IP for real-time production, playout, and other professional media applications.

“While we believe SMPTE ST 2110 is certainly the right long-term direction, there is still mileage in standards such as ST 2022-6, since broadcasters like the similarity to existing SDI architectures,” said James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power.

“Our new generation of playout and delivery products, including automation, graphics and branding are based on the StreamMaster Media Processing technology platform that can be easily updated using only software. The flexibility of IP-based, software defined playout and automation platforms are really showing their worth – that’s why we are currently deploying them with major national broadcasters around the globe.”