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NAGRA and NOS team up to tackle piracy of Benfica matches

NAGRA's anti-piracy services include monitoring, takedowns and legal and investigative support

Content protection company NAGRA and leading entertainment service NOS have partnered to prevent streaming piracy of Benfica football matches in Portugal.

NOS, which owns the distribution rights for the Benfica TV channel, will employ NAGRA’s anti-piracy services, including monitoring, takedowns and legal and investigative support.

NOS service platforms senior director José Pascoal said: “Our goal at NOS is always to provide our subscribers with the highest quality content and the best viewing experience and this is especially important with live sports events such as the Benfica soccer games.

“In order to continue serving our customers in the best way possible, we need to preserve the value we deliver to consumers and ensure that this premium content is only delivered through the legitimate value chain. NAGRA anti-piracy services were the natural choice to help us deliver on that objective,” he added.