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NAGRA takes anti-piracy capabilities to the metaverse

Company worked with the Brazilian Ministry of Justice on an investigation that entered the metaverse for the first time

As the metaverse develops and content owners begin to consider it as a new way of reaching fans and viewers, NAGRA has leveraged its anti-piracy capabilities within the immersive virtual world for the first time.

The company took part in Operation 404, an anti-piracy operation by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, which has targeted a crime network that has been illegally selling films and TV shows, using 461 apps and 266 pirated websites.

The investigation also identified another 53 sites hosted in the UK and six in the United States, which have all now been blocked. The operation also ventured into the metaverse for the first time.

“The metaverse has barely begun, and criminals are already using this environment to commit crimes,” said Alessandro Barreto, coordinator of the Ministry of Justice’s CiberLab. “They prepared events and within these events, in the metaverse, crimes against intellectual property were committed.”