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ISG Group launches SaaS platform

ISG Connect harnesses Cloud technology to manage and package content to multiple platforms

Sports broadcasting and distribution company ISG Group has launched a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to its fully Cloud-based distribution platform, ISG Connect.

The platform harnesses Cloud technology to manage and package content to multiple platforms. The platform was previously only available as a managed service, but is now available as SaaS depending on a client’s needs.

Matt Bowman, director at ISG Connect, said: “Linear Broadcast services are broken, with increasingly complex services requiring expensive hardware and increased staffing needs. This is happening at the same time as increased delivery population to digital platforms forcing customers to have a keen focus on obtaining value. For a linear supplier, it is unsustainable and unsurprising to see so many well-known firms go under.”

“Our solution is fully Clouded, infinitely scalable, and means customers can access every file as quickly as they can take it. Customers no longer have to rely upon cumbersome systems that delay processes taking place, as our Cloud solution allows real-time amends and approvals. Sponsors can keep their advertising campaigns current as they can be updated just hours before an event.”